Enric Duran. Activist on cooperativist ecosystems and alternative economy

Heloisa Primavera. University professor and activist in social currencies in Latin America since 1996

Dídac Sanchez Costa. Sociologist, activist in social currencies

@Tereseta. Multitasking hacktivist, occasional bank co-founder

Neil Haran. Software engineer, activist and angel investor for democracy and decentralization

Jan Ritsema. St.Erme, France

Mattin. Artist

Sofokles Dans. Scientist, writer, hacktivist specialist in social engineering and Internet freedom

Michiel Vandeveld

Mmoya. Software engineer. Free software and decentralization activist


Xavier Zambrana Puyalto. Researcher

Bretton Taylor

Pablo Gustavo Rodriguez

Sebastian Gampe. Co-founder of Open Source Ecology Germany e.V.


Thomas König

Roland Alton

Montse Bernàcer. Teacher and activist in social currencies

Amaya Pou. Environmental psychologist, university professor and activist in social and solidarity economy

Nikolay Georgiev

Elsie Bryant


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